Improve Your Time Management Skills With These Time Management Tips

If you’re a full-time employee trying to manage projects and deadlines or an entrepreneur seeking to increase productivity Time management skills are essential to achieving success. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus when you work all hours of the day. With the right advice and tricks, it’s possible to improve time management skills and keep your focus on the right course at work, in life and everywhere else.

1. Perform one task at a time.

Multitasking could be a great way to maximize your time, but research suggests it actually reduces your efficiency and can have negative effects on your performance. Instead, set a timer for 20 minutes and stay focused on a single task. When the timer is set and you’re done, take an unplanned break. During this time, you should try to refrain from checking your texts and social media. However, it’s okay to check your emails if you have to. This will help you improve your efficiency and increase your productivity.

2. Prioritize tasks using the ABCDE method.

Prioritizing your tasks with the ABCDE method is one of the best time management tips. (Also called Parkinson’s law, or «eat the Frog»). Every day, begin by writing an agenda of your tasks. Then rank them in order of importance. Do the most important thing first to get it removed from your agenda. Then, move onto the next task, and so on.

Understanding your body’s cycle of energy is a valuable time management tip. Find the best time to concentrate on tasks. For example, many people are morning people and have the highest level of energy early in the morning.

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