How Math and Technologies Are Connected

Math is a crucial component of all modern technologies. From designing new medical treatments to enhancing transportation systems and developing energy sources, the basis of everything is built on mathematical principles. Many students still struggle to comprehend the importance of mathematics. It is important to remember that no amount of math technology can replace a knowledgeable teacher.

Teachers must be able to assist their students develop positive attitudes toward the use of technology and mathematics. Pierce and Ball (2009) affirm that teachers can accomplish this by making the learning experience enjoyable for students by the use of digital tools, such as interactive whiteboards. They also stress the importance of ensuring that students have an in-depth understanding of the software they’re using so they can use it effectively.

Another way that technology and math are interconnected is by using mathematical models. These models are designed to aid in the development of sharable, customizable and transportable representations for scientific and mathematical concepts. The model is an educational tool which aids learning by enabling students to create and share publicly accessible documents of thought.

Despite the benefits of mathematical models, however, they cannot fully explain the way that math functions as a technology within society. This is due to the perception of impartiality that mathematical truths convey. This is the reason why the authority that mathematically prescribed decisions may confer is frequently mentioned as a reason for the lack or contestation of things such as the health risk posed by cell radio frequency radiation in phones or economic policies.

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