Career Guidance and Support

It’s more important than ever to find a job which supports your health and well-being. The world of work is constantly changing. If you’re a student trying to pick the right major or looking to make a mid-life career change, having the appropriate resources and guidance can assist.

But, many people struggle to define their passions and talents and abilities, not to mention how to leverage them to find a job or career route that best suits them. The absence of professional guidance and support can lead to excessive stress depression, anxiety, and burnout among workers.

This is why it’s crucial that career counselors offer efficient career counseling to individuals to help them navigate their career journey. These strategies will help them overcome the obstacles they face, create an accurate picture of their future and achieve their goals.

A key aspect of this is to ensure that the career guidance services they provide are based on labour market data and aids in the ability to effectively search information, analyze and evaluate available learning opportunities and work opportunities for making informed career choices. This can be achieved by using validated motivational and goal-achieving tools that are based on scientific research. It can also be achieved through partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, such as careers services, learning providers and public employment services or «one-stop-shops». Finally, it can be achieved by developing effective career management practices and policies.

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