Maximizing the Productivity of an Online Board Meeting

Online board meetings are a wonderful convenience to board members who often travel to perform their duties. They are able to attend meetings without worrying about altering their schedules or dealing with the time constraints like time-bound quarantine and flight costs.

There are however a few aspects to be considered to maximize the effectiveness of an online board meeting. Before the meeting starts, the meeting leader should ensure that everyone is equipped with the right equipment and software. This includes ensuring that the screen and microphone are operating properly. It is also a good idea to have a staff member present to assist attendees. This person can assist with login issues, offer technical assistance during the conference and monitor the chat area to answer questions.

Additionally, the board chair should establish the tone for a meeting that is online by establishing ground guidelines for discussion. They could ask participants to raise their virtual hands to speak, so that there aren’t the possibility of having multiple people speaking at the same time. They can also encourage attendees to use the mute feature in case they don’t want to be heard or are not participating in the conversation. They can also ask that speakers mention their name before speaking to avoid confusion about who is speaking.

It is also essential to create an agenda in writing so that participants know what they will be discussing at the meeting and where it’s going. It is important to distribute it to attendees in advance so that they can plan their questions and answers.

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