Keeping Documents Organized and Shared Online

You’ll need to send important files to or from you work with clients, team members, or both. There are many kinds of documents that every business needs to keep on top of. From brochures and agreements, as well as datasheets, to designs, videos and invoices. While basic email attachments and filing systems may have worked in the past, they’re unable to keep up with today’s demands for file sharing.

The right document-sharing tools make it easy for teams to share documents, collaborate, and keep documents organized. Choose a tool that comes with additional features, like a Google-like engine for searching and tagging, allowing documents to be easily found. Also, pick a platform that supports the same system of name and organization so that everyone uses the same format.

If you’re looking for an online tool that can assist you in managing and securing your private documents, search for a vendor that supports both encryption and password protection. That way nobody will be able to access your information without knowing.

There are numerous online document-sharing services to choose from, including the uber-popular Google Docs. Google Docs, designed as an app suite designed for productivity for teams, is an excellent option to collaborate with team members and share documents with other team members. It also allows users to change permissions on shared documents and folders. This permits for viewing or editing access that can be granted to team members. It is possible to embed media files, such as images, videos, and slides into documents.

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