How to Keep Data Safe for Your Business

Your data could be harmful to people if they fall into the wrong hands, whether your company uses them to fulfill orders, pay employees, or do any other type of business. Making sure that your personal information is secure is not only good for your image but also helps protect you from costly lawsuits as well as other business losses.

Start by taking stock of all the information that your company has and the ways it’s shared. Keep only the information that is necessary for your company’s operations and keep it in secure places. Be sure that your employees only have the information they require to perform their duties. Consider encrypting sensitive data when it travels between your database and the personal computers or mobile devices of your employees.

Create a plan for responding to security incidents and educate your employees in it. Keep in mind the most recent threats, and make use of software or hardware firewalls to prevent hackers from taking data or using it for malicious purposes.

Encourage your employees to backup their data and keep backups off-site. Cloud storage services that allow access for multiple users is a great idea. You can also arrange your backups to be restored at a specific time.

Discourage your employees from saving data on their personal computers, tablets or mobile phones, and dissuade them from sharing logins for cloud storage with other employees. Consider the implementation of a system that makes sure that employees who leave the company or transfer to a different department, completely erase their personal information from their devices and computers.

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