How to Select Secure Board Portal Solutions

Board portals allow companies to safely share confidential information while minimizing the risk of cyberattacks. Security standards are not the same for all board software providers. In the process of selecting, IT teams should look for features and capabilities that will secure company data.

Security – Does the solution use encryption to secure data in transit and in the rest of the system or only when it is in transit? You should also verify that the system has solid user authentication protocols. Ask the vendor to inform you about any data breaches that have occurred and how they handled the incidents. This will help you assess their overall security.

Meeting Management -You need to make sure that the software is capable of handling all aspects of planning meetings and reporting, as well as ensuring compliance with governance. Look for a set of features which includes automated workflows, board books and constantly updated agendas.

Document Sharing and E-Signing – Look for a board portal solution that is secure that allows directors to work together easily during meetings wherever they are located. The software should have annotation features as well as an electronic signature feature to speed up the process of signing.

Examine the pricing structure of the software. You’ll need to determine whether the software provider has flexible pricing plans that are based on the size and requirements of your business. Also, take note of the costs of any additional features or integrations that may be required to meet your unique needs. This will allow you to find an option that fits your budget.

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