Why You Need a Board Room

A boardroom is the place where your team can meet to discuss important issues that affect your business’s success. It is the place where decisions are made, and it is crucial that it is well-appointed and professionally designed.

According to Gensler’s research researchers in the field of knowledge only devote 34% of their work time working on their own tasks. The remainder of their time is spent in meetings. These meetings can include all-hands, department/team, and project meetings, as well in one-on-one meetings. These meetings are essential for collaboration and decision-making. While a boardroom is the ideal venue for large-scale meetings, smaller gatherings are possible to hold in your office. In many cases, a team meeting might only require a single conference table and two chairs.

Your boardroom needs to be flexible and have a variety of seating configurations to guarantee the most efficient meeting results. The seating configuration you choose is vital and should be determined by the topic of discussion as well as the audience. A theatre layout, for example can give the presentation an air of authority and make people feel more at ease. A classroom layout can be used to train and instruct audiences.

Your AV requirements are also crucial. A modern boardroom must be equipped with video conferencing technology that can facilitate face-to-face meetings, as well as digital whiteboards and display screens. LED video walls are becoming popular due to their size. They are smaller and lighter than traditional monitors or projectors, while still delivering the same quality of images.


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