Sites That Cover Tech News and Reviews

Technology impacts almost every aspect of our lives, and it is essential to stay up to date with what’s happening in the field. Many websites are focused on technology news reviews, tips, and trends. Some are very well-known and include The Verge, Engadget, and TNW. Some sites are more analytical like Re/code.

The Verge is a reincarnation from the defunct Engadget. Its writers are quick to update their content with the latest technology. The «Deep Dives'» section contains longer more in-depth articles that go beyond the typical product announcement to explore what the new technology could mean. They are also famous for their previews of the upcoming products, their podcasts, and their ability to make comments on articles.

Re/code is another website that offers a more investigative perspective on the world of technology. It is described as «the Blog about What’s Next.» They cover topics such as food delivery apps as well as artificial intelligence and large companies. They are particularly good in explaining the latest technology trends to non-technical audiences.

Gigaom is a popular source of IT professionals, business leaders and consumers interested in the impact that technology can have on their work and everyday life. Their writers are experts in their fields, and they are great in providing insightful tech news without utilizing too much terminology. They also provide in-depth analyses of a wide range of new technologies, including blockchain and bitcoin.

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