Most Recent Games

Most Recent Games

This section highlights the best new games for video that have come out in recent weeks. It’s updated each week and includes some of the top games to play now and includes new versions of classics.

‘The biggest game of the year’

A vast open world filled with a myriad of procedural delights, bizarre bosses, and endless fun. No matter if you’re an adventurer hunter, or trader, there’s something for everyone in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

The Souls-inspired series from FromSoftware is well-known for its difficulty, scaring off as many potential players as it draws. Elden Ring is a great example of how the studio has managed to find an equilibrium between its trademark difficulty and the open world of.

Remedy’s return in the horror franchise is a captivating story that has well-developed characters. Although there were some issues at launch, the gameplay is still fun to play and will keep you entertained for a long time.

Tekken 8 takes the fighting genre to new heights thanks to stunning graphics, cutting-edge mechanics, and a sprawling story. It’s a game that fans the series will appreciate, as well as players who want to test out the new console generation.

Park building games are great when they are turned into disaster management simulations. You’ll be required to solve crises quickly before things fall apart like a home made of cards. Moonglow Bay, a great example of the genre, has some issues that must be addressed.

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