Is it Time For a Tech Audit?

How reliable is the technology that your business or company relies on each day? If you’re unsure, it might be time to conduct a tech audit. A tech audit can help you make sure that your systems work in the way they should and ensure that any information stored is safe from cyberattacks that can expose sensitive information.

A tech audit is a detailed review of the IT infrastructure and policies of a business. The process can uncover potential security risks and identify ways to improve internal controls. It is an essential element of any cybersecurity plan and can be used to meet the requirements of certification or regulatory requirements.

To conduct a technology audit, an expert group with the necessary qualifications should first create a plan outlining the scope, timing as well as other details. This plan should outline the manner in which the results will be used and how improvements achieved will be incorporated into daily business functions.

It is essential that the final report after the audit is completed, is concise and clear. The report should be readable by nontechnical stakeholders, and should include an overview of the findings, as well as an outline of the steps to address any issues that are identified. It’s important to not only consider the technical auditing techniques however, but also the moral and ethical implications.

Our experts can customize the QIMA technical audit to your industry and product. They will analyze the manufacturing standards of the factory and provide a risk rating depending on the capability of your supplier. This ensures that the factory will be capable of meeting your needs, whether those are contingent on availability, security and reliability.

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