Streamline Your Board Document Management

Streamline Your Board Document Management

You deal with a variety of sensitive documents daily and many need to determine the direction of your company. It’s essential that these documents remain organized and easy to locate particularly when they’re used by multiple parties. With a central digital board, document center access is granted only to those who have been approved, while all of the information is saved and archived in a single location. This allows your team to avoid the hassle of digging through piles of papers, or searching endlessly on shared drives.

Additionally, a virtual boardroom provides your organization with a robust search function that allows you to locate any kind of information quickly. When your board members have access quick and simple to all the essential documents they require to conduct their meetings, they are able to make better decisions and enhance governance.

Board administration can be a long-winded task. It can be difficult to keep track of all the agenda items, documents, and other details that go along with each meeting. It isn’t easy to communicate and coordinate with colleagues, particularly when meetings are held in different locations.

When selecting a portal for your board solution, choose a vendor that offers an efficient, automated process to meet the needs of your executive committee and board of directors. The most effective solutions include visual calendars that show upcoming meetings, allows for the quick uploading of meeting materials, and comes with tools that aid to keep the engagement high. Also, be sure to check the quality and level of the support provided by the vendor.

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