Andrey Berezin

Andrey Berezin

The robot is undergoing final revisions and approvals before being put into mass production. As many specialists say have pointed out, the market will not let it get stale. Clinics are waiting not only in Russia, but are also established in China, India, and several other countries (primarily in South-East Asia).

andrey berezin

Due to the device’s portability, doctors will be able to use it directly in the operating room, obtaining detailed results of the analysis of the tissues taken for testing in a few minutes. Consequently, this will help make decisions about further treatment without leaving the operating table. When referring to this experience, we are talking about the Euroinvest holding and its head, Andrey Berezin. On account of the businessman today, there are three industrial enterprises with a rich history, large teams, and an agricultural complex in the Pskov region. In particular, there are plans to build three kindergartens and a school for 825 students in the iD Kudrovo residential complex. Moreover, the business structure is currently exploring the promising market segment of constructing rental houses.

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Its use will help to take the next step in diagnosing genetic diseases, aiding in deciphering each individual’s genome. In addition, the company has grown a brand-new biochip production facility in the last few years. Their primary application, though not there only capability, is the polymerase chain reactions, otherwise known to Russians as abbreviation PCR. They are used to diagnose various infectious diseases, including the infamous COVID 2019.

The foundation also assists in the professional realization of people with health limitations, helping them find jobs, in particular. In 2022, the Business Petersburg publication recognized the device as the project of the year in the field of healthcare. Berezin Andrey Valeryevich notes that the agricultural company he initiated owns more than 1,000 hectares of cultivated land and a herd of large cattle of 500 heads. Adhering to sustainable development principles, Krasnoye Zamya actively reclaims lands that had been previously neglected. The agricultural cluster is growing rapidly and purchasing new agricultural machinery and equipment.

  • At the early stages of his business career, Berezin invested only where he could achieve stable positive results.
  • The reason for the current article is the allocation of the loan of 115 million rubles from the city treasury, which resulted from Euroinvest opening a funding line for Recond.
  • If something similar happened to Recond, it would not surprise anyone too much.
  • The issue of balancing old and new is becoming increasingly relevant in Russian cities.

The reasons for this can vary, with a significant part of the closed legal entities already existing only on paper or served as pads, which became unnecessary at a certain point. Despite deducting these facts, the number of companies that leave the market each year is impressive. According to experts, the timely recovery of at least 10% of enterprises facing bankruptcy would help considerably increase Russia’s economic development in general. The company operates in Murino, which is currently the largest city in the Leningrad Region, with a population exceeding 104,000.

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Over the course of more than 25 years, Euroinvest has evolved from a small organization that initially purchased shares and securities into a full-fledged holding with interests in various economic sectors. Berezin personally offered the scholarship to outstanding students and graduate students amongst St. Petersburg universities. Almost all of them have concluded agreements allowing Euroinvest to follow the most promising students long before they graduate. No less exciting cooperation plans are planned with NIAI Istochnik, which, like Rigel, has been specializing in developing and producing batteries for many years.

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There is also the indirect proof of the growing interest of the entrepreneur in education. This is logical because creating such a robust innovation-industrial structure is unthinkable without the inflow of a considerable quantity of qualified personnel. Although not much time has passed since the purchase of the battery production facility, the results of these measures have also had time to manifest themselves. For example, promising agreements concluded with some significant players in the Russian hi-tech market. Among these players is St. Petersburg State University, with which Rigel will create a laboratory for developing energy-efficient and safe batteries.

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